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PrimaLoft partners Shanghai Challenge Textile

Pic: PrimaLoft
Pic: PrimaLoft
PrimaLoft, the leader in advanced material technology, has partnered with world class fabric manufacturer, Shanghai Challenge Textile Co Ltd, to exclusively produce PrimaLoft Performance Fabrics. This partnership will utilise the strengths of each company’s market position to best serve PrimaLoft customers and more effectively deliver fabric innovations.
“We view our partnership with Shanghai Challenge through the lens of two primary goals,” Mike Joyce, president and CEO of PrimaLoft, said in a press release. “To expand our technology platforms into the fabric side of our business, and to collaborate with a recognised industry leader in knit goods to offer cutting edge material technology to customers and consumers at a competitive price point.”
Shanghai Challenge is a Shanghai-based manufacturer with a proven track record of the design, research, development and production of functional fabrics. The company will bring this expertise to the PrimaLoft Performance Fabric business by managing the production and operational services for all PrimaLoft fabric products. PrimaLoft will continue to lead fabric innovation and material technology developments, such as PrimaLoft Bio fabric, a ground-breaking product comprised of the first biodegradable, 100 per cent recycled synthetic fibre.
“With new market dynamics in play we had to ask, how can PrimaLoft become more effective as a partner to our customers?” Joyce said. “This partnership will allow PrimaLoft to accelerate our long-standing focus on innovation and sustainability, enabling us to continue to provide leading, market-driven product solutions.”

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